Team Building Activities

The Enterprise 2000’ Toronto cruises offer a venue that is extremely conducive to team building activities. We provide an offsite venue that is far from the office, yet just a few minutes from the heart of the financial district in Toronto. Cruises are a great way to improve company morale and to communicate with your employees in a meaningful way through fun, games, and role playing. Team building exercises remove barriers and allow the staff to unite in a common goal, learning firsthand the value of team work.

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We will work with your company in any way that helps you to achieve your objectives. If you don’t already have a team building program or activity in place, we offer many excellent Toronto cruises themes to choose from. Many of these themes are used very successfully as team building exercises. They allow people to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere with the hierarchy and other barriers removed.
Our team building Toronto cruises can:

  • Bring a diverse group of people who may or may not know each other working together with a common purpose
  • Humanize work relationships
  • Diffuse tension
  • Demonstrate the concept and the advantages of team work instead of working in isolation
  • Incorporate fun into a work program
  • Help with conflict resolution
  • Show off skills and attributes that may not have come to light in the normal work day
  • Identify the leaders
  • Pinpoint those with strong organizational skills

Contact us today to plan your team building event aboard one of our Toronto cruises. You’ll be amazed how beneficial a constructive and well-planned day out on the water can be for your company.