Themed Cruises

Our Theme Toronto cruises create a world of fantasy for you and your staff to enjoy. Step back in time to your favourite decade, drink Pina Coladas on a tropical island, play Black Jack in Vegas, kick back at a floating beach party, set sail in search of buried treasure, or become the next big star. These events are fantastic for boosting staff morale, team building sessions, holiday parties, milestone celebrations, and staff and/or client appreciation. We can make anything possible.

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The Islands - Escape to a tropical island paradise on one of our Island Theme Toronto cruises. We can’t offer you a 2-week vacation but we can provide you with the sites, sounds, and tastes of the real thing. Come aboard and relax. Enjoy an authentic island cocktail and immerse yourself in the tranquil island ambience - vibrant exotic flowers, waterfalls and ponds, gentle island music, palm trees, and grass skirted women. Get into the spirit. Put on your lei and learn to hula. Enjoy the fantasy More details

The Vegas Strip – Do you dream of playing blackjack at the legendary Caesar’s Palace or the impressive Wynn Las Vegas? Can’t get away? Now you can, at least for an afternoon or an evening. On our Vegas Strip Theme Toronto cruises we transform the Enterprise 2000 into a private casino just for you and your guests. Enjoy a sumptuous dinner, and after coffee and digestives are served choose your game – Roulette or Black Jack. Prior gambling knowledge is not required. Lady Luck is all you need. More details

Fun in the Sun – Everyone loves a beach party – a great day in the sun, the chance to kick back and relax, dress like a beach bum, participate in good natured fun and games, down a drink or two or three, dance until the sun goes down, and have a great scoff to top it all off. Best of all, you don’t even need to go to the beach. Our Fun in the Sun Theme Toronto cruises brings the beach to you. Come aboard and have some fun in the sun. More details

The 70s – If you could pick a decade to get back to, would it be the 70s? Did you have a pet rock, worship John Travolta, and spend your weekends in the disco dancing to the Bee Gees? If you answered yes these questions, then our 70s Theme Toronto cruises is for you. Come aboard and step back in time to the era of leisure suits, mini skirts, and bell bottom pants. The décor will be retro and the 70s hits will be playing. It’ll be groovy. More details

Big Time Idol – The Big Time Idol Theme Toronto cruises are side-splitting events where up to 23 of your unsuspecting guests become the stars of the show. Former game show host Bobby Rayburn Jr. will be the emcee as they perform hilarious and totally unrehearsed interactive bits for the judges in this laugh-a-minute production. BigTime (Murder) Productions, producers of the Interactive Murder Mystery dinner theatre and variety shows for enthusiastic crowds worldwide have created this fantastic event. Come aboard and enjoy your 15 minutes of fame. More details

The Pirates – Avast ye! Calling all landlubbers! Come aboard and swashbuckle to your heart’s content on one of our Pirates Theme Toronto cruises. The Enterprise 2000 will be proudly flying the Jolly Roger flag and at your request her intrepid crew can be dressed authentically as pirates with wenches serving the grog. Let’s set sail in search of buried treasure. After you find your sea legs there’ll be plenty to amuse you with some contests and games that are pirate favourites. All hands Hoay! More details