Employee Recognition

The Enterprise 2000’ Toronto cruises are used by many companies to provide incentives, rewards, and recognition to deserving employees. Many forward thinking businesses include our Toronto cruises as a part of their formal or informal programs designed to improve morale and increase employee retention. According to the National Association of Employee Recognition (NAER) surveys of employees reveal that as many as 60% of any workforce feels neglected and that they routinely get little or no positive reinforcement for their efforts. This negative perception will contribute to high levels of absenteeism, poor company morale, poor performance, and eventually loss of the employee.

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One of the solutions to this problem is to have regular events and special celebrations. The Enterprise 2000’ Toronto cruises are ideal for the triumvirate of motivators – incentives, rewards, employee recognition. Use our Toronto cruises to:

  • Single out performance excellence
  • Applaud a commitment to community service or volunteer work
  • Recognize leadership
  • Congratulate excellent team performance
  • Salute longevity of service
  • Recognize innovation
  • Host annual awards of excellence

An afternoon or evening out on one of our incentives/rewards/employee recognition Toronto cruises can have a major positive impact on your employees. The Enterprise 2000 is a luxury yacht equipped with first class amenities. She is available for private corporate charters from April to the end of December for groups of up to 284. We offer a complete Toronto cruises planning service, giving you the flexibility to select what is most appropriate for your particular needs. Contact us today and let’s discuss making our Toronto cruises an integral part of your corporate incentives, rewards, and employee recognition programs.