Client Appreciation

The Enterprise 2000’ Toronto cruises are unique venues for events to show client appreciation. Cruises instead of land-based venues will help to differentiate your company from the competition as you must be innovative in your approach to all aspects of business, including your corporate events. Today’s economic climate is making it more important than ever to retain your existing clients. Not all client appreciation events are created equal. The venue that you select will have a major impact on its results and our Toronto cruises will help your company to impress and to leave a lasting impression.

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The advantages to client appreciation cruises in Toronto are numerous:

  • Entertain your valued clients in a relaxed environment
  • Demonstrate your appreciation for their business in tangible terms
  • Reconnect with customers that you may not be currently doing business with
  • Promote your company and your brand
  • Invite potential clients
  • Create a networking opportunity for your company and for your clients
  • Build referrals

The Enterprise 2000’ Toronto cruises are available from April through to the end of December. One of the interesting aspects of hosting a client appreciation event on a nautical venue is that it actually encourages networking as your guests are all in proximity to each other and can’t wander off to another location. Client appreciation cruises can be multi-dimensional events within the event. Heighten the level of interest on our Toronto cruises by featuring:

  • A guest speaker
  • Wine Tasting
  • Scotch Tasting
  • Cigar Bar & Lounge
  • Casino Night
  • A multi-media presentation
  • Fireworks – coordinate the date with existing an Toronto fireworks display

Contact us today to start planning your client appreciation cruises. Each of our Toronto cruises can be totally customized to ensure that your event achieves the desired result.