Sales Meetings Ideas

The Enterprise 2000’ Toronto cruises provide an excellent venue for sales meetings in Toronto. Cruises eliminate the greatest challenges that sales meetings present - how to get your staff to show up on time and stay at the meeting. Our Toronto cruises set sail at a predetermined time and any late comers will have to pay a water taxi to take them out to the boat, eliminating the problem with staff members who habitually wander in at their leisure. And, they can’t duck out early unless they plan to swim to shore. The right venue is key to a successful sales meeting.

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Sales meetings have traditionally been dull affairs which is unfortunate. Your sales staff is crucial to the success of your company. They are the direct link between your clients and your company. Let our Toronto cruises infuse some life into your sales meetings. Taking your staff to our offsite venue for a day out of the office immediately changes the perception to a perk instead of a chore.

Sales meetings aboard our Toronto cruises will help you to achieve your objectives:

  • Teach and reinforce effective sales skills
  • Learn new product or service information
  • Review sales projections
  • Establish new sales targets
  • Brainstorm
  • Study the competition
  • Review changes in the industry

The Enterprise 2000’ Toronto cruises can accommodate groups of up to 284 guests. We offer excellent onboard catering for your meals, breaks and snacks in addition to two fully licensed bars. A day out on the water is a relaxing environment, far from the stress of the office, and as a result attendance will be higher and participation greater. Contact us today to book your next sales meeting aboard one of Toronto cruises.